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37th Venice Marathon: Mutai and Tanui triumph

Verantwortlicher Autor: Mario Bonesi Sta-Venice-Italy, 21.11.2023, 19:00 Uhr
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start 37th Venicemarathon
start 37th Venicemarathon  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Sta-Venice-Italy [ENA] The 37th edition of the Venice Marathon took place on Sunday 22 October 2023, which saw the participation of 16 thousand athletes from 80 different nations. The race was held over three distances of 42 km, 21 km and 10 km, starting from the splendid Villa Pisani in Stra - Venice.

Ugandan Solomon Mutai and Kenyan Rebecca Tanui dominated the longest race, crossing the finish line in 2h07'40" and 2h25'34" respectively, setting new records for the men's and women's course. The two African athletes demonstrated great physical form and unparalleled determination, leading their pursuers by several minutes. Mutai confirms his nickname as the "King" of the VeniceMarathon, repeating the success of the previous year, when he had already set the race record in 2h08'10".

The thirty-one-year-old Ugandan led a solitary race, breaking away from the group of favorites already at the 25th km and increasing his advantage until the finish line. Second place went to Kenyan Naibei Emmanuel, with a time of 2h07'41", followed by Kigen Noah Kiprotich, with 2h08'18". Tanui instead surprised everyone with an extraordinary performance, which allowed her to win her first career marathon. The 26-year-old Kenyan made the difference in the second part of the race, when she overtook her top rivals and maintained a high pace until the end. Second place went to Ethiopian Chala Kebene, with a time of 2h26'37", while third place went to Tigist Benada, with 2h28'05". She is also from Ethiopia.

Among the Italians, the first to cross the finish line was Abdoullah Bamoussa (3,000 steeplechase champion) in 2h21'00". The first Italian to cross the finish line was Giorgia Bonci, who finished in eleventh place with a time of 3h11'17". The Venice Marathon has once again confirmed its charm and importance in the international athletics panorama, offering a high-level sporting and landscape spectacle. The event also had a great social and economic impact on the area, thanks to the Charity Program which raised 114,000 euros to be allocated to solidarity projects and the presence of thousands of tourists who animated the city. The video we propose is the departure. Links:

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