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The fourth International Salone Nautico of Venice

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Sustainibility and innovation at the fourth International Salone Nautico of Venice.
Sustainibility and innovation at the fourth International Salone Nautico of Venice.  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italy-Venice [ENA] The fourth edition of the International Salone Nautico of Venice close under the sign of innovation. A feature that, is also synonymous of sustainibility, the perfect combination which with passage of time will lead to a general upcoming of the nautical sector and will improve the environment.

Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, has declared: “The Arsenale has confirmed to be the sea people’s home, that includes not only who has crowded the docks looking for their ideal boat, but also many professionals, researchers, politicians who have it at heart. We’ve seen much interest in boats, satisfaction from construction sites - The Salone Nautico has been the theater of the first convention of Fondazione Venezia Mondial Capital of Sustainibility, a confirm of the attention we have on this theme which is fundamental for our future and for our youngs. Sustainibility that is declined also into the sea with a whole dock dedicated to green navigation, which opens new scenaries of application in industrial.

The 4^ Salone Nautico’s visitors were over thirtythousand (30.000), which shows that, after five intense days spent along dreamy boats, sailboats, sustainable hulls and many events like collateral events, the Salone Nautico at Arsenale is a manifestation increasingly important and central for Venice. The Salone has seen the presence of 300 boats, of which 240 in water, for the total length of 2,7 km, 220 exhibitors of which 180 italians, over 2000 operators, over 500 staff members, 448 journalists.

“I want to thank all those who have chosen to come to Venice, from small companies to big companies, all visitors that have had the opportunity to come on boat, the Navy and the other law enforcement, the partecipating companies’ employees , from Vela to AVM/ACTV group, Venis, Veritas, Fondazione Musei Civici to the city government and the metropolitan city - has the mayor added - Thanks to the operators (standists, hostess, workers, reception and catering staff, sailsmen, business men, cleaners, transport workers, other services) that have worked to ensure that all worked best.

Thanks to the Government and to Regione Veneto that their presence’s have honored us for this edition, understanding just how boating is a strategic sector for the Nation, which counts 8.000 km of shores”. On Thursday 1^ June we’ve been with our Beatrice to visit the 4^ Salone Nautico. We’ve produced a fifteen minutes’ film that we offer in italian. Link:

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