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Miss Italy 2022, the final in Rome Wednesday 21 December

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Patrizia Mirigliani and the 2022 finalists
Patrizia Mirigliani and the 2022 finalists   Bild: Miss Italy Photographer

Italy-Rome [ENA] Everything is ready in Rome, where the title of Miss Italy 2022 will be awarded in the capital on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 21, and will take place in the Multimedia Conference Center of the Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's. The kermesse broadcast live on the Contest's digital channels.

The show, conducted by the journalist Salvo Sottile, presenter of the successful Raidue program "I Fatti Vostri", with the miss finalists who, representing, as is the tradition of the event, the entire national territory, one for each Region, were chosen during the Prefinals held in Fano, in the Marche region, at the end of hundreds of regional selections which saw thousands of beautiful girls as protagonists.

The 21st finalist is Miss Rome, in tribute to the city that will host the finals.The 21 miss competing for the title that will be ceded by Zeudi Di Palma, Miss Italy 2021, will bring their stories and those of their lands, making this historic event alive, current and authoritative. From their testimonies will thus emerge stories of great cultural richness, of study, education and preparation, values that will document the lives of these girls and the cities in which they live.

“It is a very suggestive scenario, that of December 21st – says the patron Patrizia Mirigliani -. It is the final of an edition that sees us holding our heads held high: for the third consecutive year we manage to elect Miss Italy, without ever stopping, despite the difficulties of the Covid years and the various vicissitudes that afflict our society. My Miss - he concludes - are once again representing the Beauty of Values, the claim of this 83rd edition of Miss Italia".

The election will be streamed on Wednesday 21 December, from 19:00, on the digital channels of the Competition: website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. In particular, on Facebook, the live broadcast will be replicated in cross-posting by various partners. On Instagram, however, Miss Italia Social will tell the emotions of the finalists with "stories", collecting their voices directly in the backstage. Source: Miss Italy website

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