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Lavinia Abate is Miss Italy 2022

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Lavinia Abate Miss Italy 2022
Lavinia Abate Miss Italy 2022  Bild: Photographer Miss Italy

Italy-Rome [ENA] The festive evening in Rome, in the Multimedia Congress Center of the Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's, broadcast in live streaming on the Miss Italia social channels and presented by the talented Salvo Sottile, brought luck to the young Roman Lavinia Abate.

After an initial dance, the girls performed a talent test lasting one minute, subsequently, after the intervention of the good and nice imitator Antonio Mezzancella, the girls competed in a test of bearing, one of the fundamental requisites for a Miss. The jury with: Massimo Boldi, Fioretta Mari and Francesca Manzini, very attentive to the performance of each girl, at the end chose the 3 finalists among the 21 candidates and subsequently, after the interventions of various guests, Salvo Sottile proclaimed the winner by raising the hand of Lavinia.

Lavinia Abate, crowned by Patron Patrizia Mirigliani, had reached the final with the "Miss Lazio" sash, after the proclamation: "I didn't believe it, I would never have imagined, I thank everyone, I will be proud to represent Italy" - these are her very first words spoken into Salvo Sottile's microphone. Lavinia, in addition to winning the prestigious title of "Miss Italy 2022", conferred by Zeudi Di Palma, "Miss Italy 2021", had already conquered the "Miss Elegance" sash the previous evening. With her on the podium: Carolina Vinci, second classified. Third classified Virginia Cavalieri.

Lavinia, 18, from Rome, is in her last year of high school. She has been practicing dance for 12 years and is currently modern/contemporary. She studies composition and loves to sing and compose music. She would like to become a songwriter or a composer. She defines herself as modest, sensitive and sincere. She had to wear a brace for 5 years: a condition that marked her deeply, making her adolescence difficult. "Miss Italy" gives her the opportunity to prove to herself that her back does not affect her aesthetic appearance and to acquire greater confidence. In the coming days, Lavinia will be a guest on many television programs to talk about her beautiful experience in the "Miss Italy" beauty contest.

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