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Vittorio Basaglia, Mira, his exibition of artworks

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Paintings by Vittorio Basaglia
Paintings by Vittorio Basaglia  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italy-Mira [ENA] Of witches and other suffering humanity”, this is the title of the exibition in Mira - Venice, dedicated to Vittorio Basaglia, known venetian artist. Painter and sculptor, teacher at Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino and Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice.

Born in Venice on 19 August 1936 and deceased in Pinzano al Tagliamento - Pordenone, on 25 February 2005, he was the promoter in Trieste of a collective art workshop and creator of the statue “Marco Cavallo”, symbol of the end of exclusion of the mentally ill. The exibition, held at Villa Contarini - Pisani, called of the “Lions” in Mira - Venice, collects some of his works and aims to promote the artist that, on commission of the Municipality of Mira, at the beginning of the 80s, realized a pictorial cycle inspired by Tiepolo’s frescos in “Villa Leoni”.

With Giulia Urbinati we went visiting the exposition, followed with care by Dott. Valerio Vivian, president of “Mir’Arti” that, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mira, has conceived the event. Valerio, curator of the exibition of Vittorio Basaglia, has shown us all the works on display in the Villa and gave lite to a very detailed story about the venetian artist.

“Vittorio Basaglia was a venetian painter who operated both in his hometown and in Milan and other italian and european cities - being lived in the middle of the 1900 his formation goes back to the 50s-60s - goes on Valerio, the period lived led him to create works both paintings and sculptures particularly attentive to the human dimension through forms of realism and allegory that, somehow, invite to reflect on the evils of humanity and society.”

Paintings by Vittorio Basaglia

The story of Valerio Vivian, wich traces the life of the artist, followed by works of the exibition on 2 floors of the Villa, where there is a permanent exibition of Basaglia called “Sala degli Specchi”. The exposition dedicated to Vittorio Basaglia was inaugurated on 16 December and will end on Sunday 14 January. Opening hours and days are varied and are concentrated from Friday to Sunday. “Villa dei Leoni” is easily accesible by car or bus.

To better appreciate Basaglia’s works, we invite you to watch the video made in collaboration of “Mir’Arti” and his president Valerio Vivian. We also thank all the board of “Mir’Arti”, in addition to the president Valerio Vivian, Rodolfo La Porta, vicepresident, and Giovanni Carlin, secretary, Franca Sbrogiò, Danilo Lugato, Luisa Lorenzin and Francis Chiappone. The video we propose is in Italian. To keep you updated on upcoming events of “Mir’Arti” we invite you to visit the association’s website - Link video - Vittorio Basaglia.

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