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Venice Marathon 2021: The podium is all Kenyan.

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Photograph arrival in Venice
Photograph arrival in Venice  Bild: Mario Bonesi. Accredited photographer

Venice [ENA] All Kenyan podium in this 35th edition of the Venice Marathon. They are respectively: Anderson Saitoti Seroi, in first place. Justus Kipkogei Kangogo, second place and Gilbert Kipleting Chumba third. Triumph for the Italian Sofiia Yaremchuk, in her first participation in the Marathon

Unforgettable day for the three Kenyan athletes, who arrived at the finish line within a few minutes of each other, while the blue athlete Marco Najibe Salami arrived to the applause of the public, finishing in fourth place. Great emotion also for the constant presence of the godmother Giusy Versace, who warmly applauded all the participants and in particular the athletes involved with her ONLUS, "Disabili No Limits", many of them were people with disabilities who challenged the 10 kilometers of the route with crutches.

"We are very pleased to archive a memorable edition of the Venice Marathon under different aspects - comments Piero Rosa Salva, president of Venice Marathon - On the one hand we have had important confirmations of how much this event is really awaited and felt by everyone, also considering the extraordinary public present throughout the course, on the other hand, once again this year we were able to organize a high-profile international competition and we were happy to see that two Italian athletes have chosen Venice to debut. the results obtained today push us to commit ourselves again to more for the next editions ".

Female podium 35th Venice Marathon

There could not have been a better restart for the 35th edition of the Venice Marathon. The same marks the great return of a sporting event much appreciated by runners and its territory, an edition with excellent technical contents, absolute witness of a spectacular male and female competition that has made the beautiful Italian athlete Sofiia Yaremchuk known internationally.

"I am very happy with this victory, says Sofiia Yaremchuk, I was hoping for it and I believed in it. I realized that I could have done it when I stayed in the leading group. I was a little afraid of the bridges in Venice, but the public gave me the right energy to grit my teeth and enter the final draw. I dedicate this victory to the Army Sports Center and I hope this is just the beginning." Touching was also the arrival of Silvia Furlani, the Friulian athlete who has been fighting against multiple sclerosis for years and who has taken to cover the 10 kilometers in just over 3 hours.

Excellent performance and excellent placement for the blue Marco Salami, making his debut in the specialty. The athlete followed by Piero Incalza, on his debut in the specialty, was able to maintain a balanced pace throughout the race, finishing close to the leaders and showing excellent room for improvement. For the 10k, great success among the women of Chiara Pizzolato. The nineteen-year-old daughter of the great marathon runner Orlando Pizzolato, competed in a solo race, reaching the finish line in less than 40 minutes, with a great gap on the opponents. Elisa Commisso, second classified, while Sharon Giammetta went to third place. Furthermore, the beautiful weather conditions favored an extraordinary influx of visitors.

With "GidiferroTeam" we were present at the finish line of the athletes and our beautiful Giulia, interviewed the splendid Giusy Versace and several athletes with disabilities. Marco Salami and Sofiia Yaremchuk. In addition to several runners of the 10 kilometers If you want to see a short video summary of the 35th Venice Marathon, please follow this link of "GidiferroTeam" YouTube. In Italian language.

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