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Italy, Miss Venice Beach: The days of reality TV

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Miss Venice Beach The days of reality tv
Miss Venice Beach The days of reality tv  Bild: Mario Bonesi, photographer of the contest

Venice [ENA] The tenth edition of Miss Venice Beach, the beauty contest conceived and conducted by the beautiful Venetian show girl Elisa Bagordo, will be remembered by the finalist participants, as one of the most beautiful experiences ever for the 25 Misses who had won the final during the 4 summer stages.

The beautiful girls gathered at one of the most prestigious hotels in Sottomarina - Venice, which hosted them together with all the staff. During the 5 days of the reality show, the beautiful girls took part in various educational activities held by professionals in the Make Up sector. In this context, the girls learned the notions of make-up with related practical tests. Choreography and posture: specifically, the Misses found themselves familiar with the various physical activities to keep fit. Posture: the girls have perfected their way of moving correctly on the catwalk. Hairstyle: with lessons on the various hairstyles that can make the most of a woman's appearance. Could not miss the presentation and television conducting lessons.

Elisa Bagordo, with her interpretations of “stage presence” taught to confront herself in front of the camera, the contestants were able to conduct cooking and travel programs. Not just school. During the 5 days of the Miss Venice Beach reality show, the girls had fun in various ways, taking part in boat trips that led them to get to know the lagoon area of ​​the municipality of Chioggia, of which famous are: fishing and radicchio. . Pedaling through the city streets, getting to know the characteristic places of Chioggia and Sottomarina.

Miss Venice Beach, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, gave all the finalists of the competition a "full immersion" of 5 days and a noteworthy ending, which amazed everyone by creating the ideal conditions for which every girl felt like a protagonist . The appointment with the contest is therefore for the summer of 2021, with the eleventh edition of the beauty contest, with shows held in the squares of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the Veneto, a popular destination for many European tourists. To see the films of the Miss Venice Beach show, connect to "GidiferroTeam" (YouTube).

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