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Italy, Miss Italia 82nd edition resumes in the country

Verantwortlicher Autor: Mario Bonesi Italiy, 31.07.2021, 17:19 Uhr
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Miss Italia - regional competitors
Miss Italia - regional competitors  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italiy [ENA] With the new rules that came into force in Italy, as almost in the rest of Europe and respecting the necessary "distances", the Italian beauty contest par excellence "Miss Italia" has resumed selecting the girls who will participate in all regions. at the national final of the 82nd edition.

The Patron of the contest Patrizia Mirigliani, like her father Enzo before her, has been carrying on for years what has been and still is the dream of every Italian girl, to be elected "Miss Italy" and to bring Italian beauty all over the world. Over 10,000 competitors have signed up for the competition in the last 2 years and despite the stop imposed by the safety regulations due to Covid-19 in 2020, the organization has always taken this data into account and is still studying how to participate in all registered. The provincial selections continue at a fast pace, while the regional finals are in preparation which will lead many girls to compete in the pre-finals and from there the very final.

In Veneto, the "" agency managed by real professionals in the sector (as indeed in all other Italian regions) is handling the selections of "Miss Italia" is currently carrying out the selections of Venetian girls to be brought to the Venetian final. Last year, in December, the Roman Martina Sambucini, Miss Italy 2020, was proclaimed through the web broadcast in live streaming, in second place Beatrice Scoletta, also from Lazio. For the Veneto, Francesca Toffanin was present. Everything took place in full compliance with the regulations in force at that time.

Erika Di Liberto - regional finalist Miss Italia Veneto and Giulia Urbinati aspiring journalist of "GidiferroTeam"

Europe is slowly returning to normal, it is assumed that, with the new regulations, constantly updated, the situation with regard to the entire production sector of the show will resume its normal activity. Many jobs have been lost due to the pandemic, the same in all sectors of the job. Covid-19, despite the certainty that it will be eradicated, will leave an indelible mark in the daily life of all humanity, a consequence of "global unease" to which we will all be called to resolve.

The beauty contests that are taking place in this period all over the world, even if in a “controlled” form, are a valid alternative to the world of clubs for young people, now closed for almost 2 years. Tens of thousands of requests that arrive in many organizations, it is possible to respect them all. If you want to view the videos related to Miss Italia Veneto, just connect to this link:

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