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Castles of Romeo and Juliet: fashion on stage

Verantwortlicher Autor: Mario Bonesi Italy-Vicenza, 16.05.2021, 19:17 Uhr
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Castles of Romeo and Juliet fashion on stage
Castles of Romeo and Juliet fashion on stage  Bild: Mario Bonesi photographer of the show

Italy-Vicenza [ENA] First Sunday in May, unforgettable. The date, which marks the return from a somewhat unsustainable situation from the Covid-19 point of view, has allowed the realization of one of the first fashion shows in Veneto, with the necessary rules, with a certain amount of public.

It was respectively Jessica Spiga, for "Fairy Creations" and Roberta Mellone for "Le Particulier" with 10 splendid girls who gave life to the Castles of Juliet and Romeo in Montecchio Maggiore - Vicenza, directed by Tiziano Tescaro, who presented the two fashion shows with Graciela Saez at a show with high-class clothes. In the early afternoon the models together with several photographers took many photographs along the walls of the ancient medieval castle, a popular destination for many European tourists.

In the context, the Piedmontese designer Jessica Spiga presented the collection of dresses inspired by the world of fairies.The designer, interviewed by Giulia Urbinati, of GidiferroTeam, then received her career award at the end of the show. Interview also with Roberta Mellone, who presented the high fashion and every occasion clothes she holds in her shop in Vicenza. An original line of clothes with the “Le Particulier” brand will also be produced soon.

The backstage also had its share of notoriety. With Lara Mazzocco, Makeup Artist, Majori Mentor, Hayr Style and Valerio Smiderle, Makeup Artist. Moment of fame, also for our Giulia Urbinati, who paraded for the public with two distinct catwalks. Before in the company of Theo, her Pomeranian puppy and later alone. Giulia's interlude was due in the context of the international contest of "Miss SuperTalent", where she is a candidate for the Italian final in September in Milan.

The unmistakable voices of Anna Tonello and Barbara Casaro delighted those present by singing some songs from their repertoire. Before the fashion show, the public was able to have lunch in the open spaces of the castle which houses a good restaurant and admire its historical beauties inside. This fashion event with Italy which is almost entirely in the "Yellow Zone" is a good sign to create something more tangible for the recovery of the fashion and beauty sector. To view the movie of the fashion shows, connect to “GidiferroTeam✪” YouTube

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