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2nd Venice International Boat Show

Verantwortlicher Autor: Mario Bonesi Venice, 13.06.2021, 11:49 Uhr
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Overview of the Arsenal of Venice
Overview of the Arsenal of Venice  Bild: Photo by Mario Bonesi

Venice [ENA] Venice, Sunday 6 June. Closing day with extraordinary crowding. Thousands of people who, in this second Venice International Boat Show, visited the pavilions and docks of the Arsenale. Hundreds of exhibitors both indoors and outdoors. We went to discover some curiosities.

In full compliance with the anti-covid rules, all guests entered in groups at set times, while suitably signposted routes had been created for the entire arsenal, this made it possible not to create crowds of the public during the various events that were planned during the closing day. The presentation of the event promoted by the Municipality of Venice and realized with the Vela S.p.A., and with the contribution of the Italian Navy, has allowed the creation of many events. One of these is the first “Full Electric” regatta defined as “E Regatta”, coordinated by the members of “Assonautica di Venezia”. The event included tests of "endurance", and speed but also sporting events with regattas in which the protagonists were sailing boats.

Emotions that last over time, with the presence in the basin of the "Moro di Venezia" while for "Luna Rossa" there were some protagonists of the team. The exhibition hall at the Venice Arsenal has become an "ambassador" of sustainability with a series of hybrid and electric projects, which had already characterized the first edition of the show. Again for this second edition of the Venice Boat Show, the Italian Navy was alongside the Municipal Administration in organizing the event. For the occasion, the "Ponza" ship, which supports the lighthouses in maritime signaling, and the "Aretusa" Hydro-Oceanographic ship were present in the basin. To give added value there was a representation of the Marine Infantrymen of the "Brigata San Marco".

See you next year with the 3rd edition of the boat show, hoping to be free from uncomfortable "masks". With our beautiful Giada Cicuto, we went to take a look at the pavilions that housed the numerous exhibitors and small boats, as well as everything necessary for their preparation. While outside, in the docks, many boats of all kinds were stationed. The video we propose is a small summary of the day. If you want to see the movie related to the event (in Italian language) this is the link.

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