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Italy, Venice: 78th Film Art Exhibition

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Entrance of the Venice Film Festival
Entrance of the Venice Film Festival   Bild: Photo by Alessia Alberti. Composit Mario Bonesi

Italy-Venice [ENA] The 78th Venice International Film Festival will begin on Wednesday 1st September at the Lido of Venice and will end on Saturday 11th. The entire event, organized by the Venice Biennale, will be directed by Alberto Barbera. The exhibition aims to promote the culture and art of international cinema.

Today the Venice International Film Festival counts among the most prestigious internationally renowned directors and is a great showcase for young talents who create and direct successful films. Founded in 1932, by the then president Giuseppe Volpi, by the critic and film producer Luciano de Feo and by the sculptor and art critic Antonio Maraini, it had a great success, so much so that it became one of the permanent events in Venice since 1935.

So many celebrities have passed on the red carpet and just as many will. Every year new ideas give way to what are the new emerging realities and also this year on the occasion of the 78th anniversary the Venice International Film Festival, is enriched with a space dedicated to new trends in world cinema. "Orizzonti Extra" this is one of the most important novelties. Space dedicated to works over 60 minutes which will then be evaluated by a jury made up of spectators who will award the prize to the best work.

Many important events will characterize this 78th edition of the "Film Festival" at Lido Di Venezia. However, being a global event, keep up to date on visits and timetables and anti-Covid regulations directly on the "Venice Biennale" website. For visitors, the exhibition is easily reachable from any international location, thanks also to the nearby "Marco Polo" airport which is just a few kilometers from the Lido of Venice. Link: Venice Biennal.

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